If you’re looking for an experienced Tax, Investment & Business Advisor there’s a possibility we could be a good fit.  Before contacting me, please read the short description of who I typically serve and how I work.  If you think there’s a possibility we’d be a good fit then feel free to get in touch via “Book an Appointment”, phone or email for a complimentary, no obligation initial interview.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a great group of clients for many years who have also been a tremendous referral base.   While each client is unique there are a few commonalities that might help you determine if you would also benefit from my services.

Who I serve:

  • Most clients are business owners, professionals and investors in Southern California.
  • Most clients utilize more than one of the many financial services provided and consult with me before makeing any important life decision.
  • My clients are patient, savvy business and real estate owners who value my experience and professional opinion.
  • Most clients are building and/or maintaining their wealth and are family oriented, community involved people with life purpose that far exceeds just money and personal belongings.

How I work

Typically I will have two or more face to face, skype or phone meeting before new clients decide to engage me.  At that point I will develop a custom tax plan and or/and Investment management plan geared towards their unique financial goals and objectives.  These plans are built around life events such as; asset acquisition and disposition, business planning, and retirement.  My specific area of expertise is in tax planning; though I have a great team with unique expertise in investment management, law and insurance.

I leverage technology to its fullest and utilize a nationally known cloud provider that is safe and secure. This enable us to pass sensitive documents via a secure 256-bit encrypted client portal and me the ability to manage the day to day business operations cost effectively.

What I charge:

Fees vary depending on the services  performed. Tax planning is charged based on the size and complexity of one’s tax situation and are justified by the tax savings and value.  Tax preparation, accounting and payroll services can be charged based on the project or a flat monthly rate.   For clients that want ongoing help managing their investments fees are based on a percentage of assets under management (see form ADV for fee schedule posted at Also, the greatest vale and savings to the client are achieved by utilizing more than one of the services offered, as fee reduction can be offered considering the entire relationship.

If after reading above you’d like to have a conversation about working together I’d be happy to invest an hour of my time getting to know you better, your financial goals, and help determine if there’s value I can provide in your life.